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Description of project's services for SMEs

The SUSTEEN project aims at delivering individualised environmental services to SMESs belonging to the following priority sectors:

  • production and processing of metals
  • food industry
  • manufacturing of electronic/electric equipments
  • waste management
  • chemical industry

and being based in one of the following regions: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France), Liguria, Piedmont region (Italy), Transylvania region (Romania), Basque Country (Spain) and Gothenburg region (Sweden).

How can you benefit from the SUSTEEN project?

  • You can contact the Susteen local partner for a meeting or a phone call
  • You can fill in the questionnaire for an environmental self-diagnosis at the following link
    Take few minutes to answer questions about different aspects of environment and energy that can affect your company productivity. You will get an assessment of your level of compliance and commitment to sustainable management and eventually identify opportunities for improvement.
  • You can ask for an appointment with an environmental expert in order to discuss environmental issues and funding opportunities:
    a) by filling in the above mentioned on-line questionnaire
    b) by directly contacting your local partner

In Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region (France), 4 Environmental Service Providers have been selected: the environment advisors of the local 7 chambers of commerce providing a generalist approach to SMEs for the environmental compliance, the CRITT Agro alimentaire based in Avignon, mainly involved on Agrofood industry project, the CRITT Chimie Matériaux based in Marseille, involved on Chemical industry projects and the consulting company A3i for any SME project requiring expertise on Life Cycle analysis.

In Liguria region (Italy) the Environmental Service Providers selected are: GESTA s.r.l, a consulting SME mainly focused on environmental services to private and public companies and TICASS s.c.r.l., a Consortium composed of both research organisations and companies which aims at performing, promoting and enhancing solutions to guarantee the Sustainable Development mainly referring to Energy and Environment sectors.

In Piedmont region (Italy) the Environmental Service Providers selected are 3 laboratories and competence centers: Clean NT Lab, Progetti Ambientali Integrati and Hysylab, gathered in Environment Park, science and technology park for the environment whose mission is to provide SMEs support to develop innovative solutions in the field of clean and energy technologies.

For Transylvania region (Romania): to be defined

For the Basque Country (Spain): Ihobe, Basque Environmental Agency, EVE, Basque Energy Board and the Consulting firms EDE Ingenieros, MIRANDAOLA, ONDOAN and SAYMA.

In Gothenburg region (Sweden) the Environmental Service Providers selected are Lokalproducerat i Väst AB, Sweco Environment AB, SIK – Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnolgy, SP – SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

  • You can benefit from a free environmental and energy audit from the Environmental Service Providers appointed in your region in order to receive suggestions (improvement plan) or input to reduce your costs.

Environmental integration in your management should be seen as a market opportunity. If you take action on environmental and energy improvement you can obtain cost reduction, which means the adoption of best practices aimed at reducing waste and effluents, reduction in consumption of energy, water and/or raw materials and improved production processes.

Discover how to benefit of an environmental and energy audit by contacting your local partner:

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